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Priest attacked in the cathedral with sulfuric acid in Nicaragua

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5 December in the afternoon, rev Mario Guevara, aged 59 vicar of Managua Cathedral, suffered a sulfuric acid attack when a 24 year old woman threw the acid on the priest’s face and body while he was in the cathedral hearing confessions.

A report of the incident sent to Fides said the rector of the cathedral took Rev. Mario Guevara immediately to hospital for treatment. Despite serious burns the priest’s conditions appears stable. The woman, detained by people in the cathedral as she tried to escape, was arrested by the police. The statement from the archdiocese asks for prayers for the health and full recovery of Rev Mario who suffers from diabetes, and asks the faithful to unite in prayer“ for all our priests during this Novena of the feast of the Immaculate Conception”.

Source: Fides Agency

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