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A new sculpture of Jesus Christ that will be higher than the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” in Rio de Janeiro is to be erected in Mexico

Krisztus szobor rio

The monument will be located in the townland of  Santiago, in the state of Nuevo León


The Mexican based ‘Christ of the Miracles Foundation’ plans to erect a statue of Christ, that will be taller than the sculpture of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The project is due to begin in December, and the statue will be known as Cristo Milagroso or the “Christ of the Miracles.”

The new statue will be thirty-three  metres high, standing on a five-metre pedestal, in comparison to the statue in Rio de Janeiro which is thirty metres tall and sits on a modest one metre pedestal.

Salvador Tafich, the president of the Christ of Miracles A.C. Foundation, explained that the project was the idea of Luis Andonie who donated some land so that the statue of Christ could be erected.  It was, he says, a charitable initiative, aimed at bringing religious tourism to the poverty-stricken area. The project will also help support the local Descaled Carmelites religious community.

Tafich reported that the project has been at the planning stage for the last three years  and the organisation now hopes to inaugurate the statue in November of 2019

Finally,  Tafich added that the construction would commence at midday on the 23rd of December of this year. The Archbishop of Monterrey and the president of the Mexican episcopacy, Dom Rogelio Cabrera have been invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Source: ACIdigital


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