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More than two thousand churches have been closed in Angola

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Two thousand churches have already been closed in Angola, and there are a thousand more  that may be closed down in the near future if they do not comply with new restrictions.

The Christians of Angola are concerned about efforts to regulate religious liberty in their country given that in August, the government passed a new law governing the exercise of religious activities in the country. At the Government’s assembly,  presided by João Lourenço, the members adopted a bill that would enable it to create, alter, and restrict religious institutions. This bill, that regulates liberty of religion, faith, and worship was sent to the National Assembly for approval in August.


According to a publication in the October edition of the  East African Journal, there are 84 churches in Angola that are operating illegally, and another 1,106 that are waiting for approval.  The government gave a 30-day ultimatum to these churches to regularise their operation or face closure. 2,006 churches have already been shut down for the same reasons.


The director of religious affairs, Francisco de Castro Maria, told the local Journal of Angola: “There are about four thousand churches operating illegally in our country. These establishments must change their status by next month, otherwise they will be closed.”


This decision, according to Castro Maria,  is expected to affect foreign-led churches in Angola,  given that 50% of the country’s churches have been established by foreign nationals from countries such as Brazil, Nigeria, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Source: Portas Abertas

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