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Young Girl Orphaned After Father Killed For Converting To Christianity

In a Muslim populated village in Uganda, a young girl named Rehema is now living with her grandmother after she lost her father, who had recently converted to Christianity. Rehema is now said to be an orphan since her mother is nowhere to be found and her father has ‘gone to be with the angels.’


Rehema’s father, Juma Hassan, “died from the brutal wounds caused by the family when he left Islam and started going to a church just across the road.”

Juma was raised as a Muslim, as in the norm in any staunch Muslim family.

Nevertheless, a relative who wished to remain anonymous told that, in April 2018, “He informed his wife that he had been preached to by a Christian pastor and he felt that he needed to put his trust in Christ. A few days later, he stopped going to the mosque and began attending Bible studies and church services. Juma’s father was very upset after learning about Juma’s new faith. 

He called all the family and led the meeting that excommunicated Juma, his wife, and his child.”

One of Juma’s neighbors confessed to having witnessed his father cursing him and ordering a group of men to beat him up, after which they demolished his house and took Rehema back to her grandmother.

As a result of the attack, the now dead man suffered injuries to the head and spine.
A local pastor added that in fear for his life, Juma left for Kenya to seek shelter and treatment, where he later succumbed to the injuries in May 2018.

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