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A Christian school was reopened in Iraq

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Having been closed for four years, the reopening of the school is seen as Christianity’s victory over terrorism.


The school that was recently reopened, is the oldest school of Mosul. Mosul is a town in northeastern Iraq and  is controlled by the Islamic State.

The Shimon Safa Primary School has been closed for four years. This year however,  400 pupils started the academic year in the institution.

The school’s headmaster, Ahmed Thamer al-Saadi declared that the school could resume operations thanks both to donations and to the assistance of  volunteers from other towns. The headmaster also emphasised that their school is inclusive and respectful to all.

The school is located in the region of Al-Saa, the oldest part of the city. This is where the Christians live, and according to Ahmad al-Mosli, a professor of the Arabian language: “The location of the school is important because now our students do not have to travel to other towns , where the Islamic State is more present, in order to get an education.”

Ibrahim al-Allaf, a teacher of modern history in the University of Mosul said the reopening of the school was a victory over terrorism. He also said that the  institution is part of the local historical heritage noting that the most well-educated people of Mosul used to go to this school which was then a Christian school directed  by religious. Not all the students are Christians as children of every religion are educated here.

The Al-Monitor stated  that until 1980 it was one of the twenty  Christian schools of the town. Over the following three decades, most of these schools were closed down, especially from  2014 to 2017, when the city was controlled by the Islamic State.

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