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A “March for Jesus” in Santiago, Chile was violently disrupted by leftist aggressors

utcai zavargás, Chile

Leftist aggressors disrupted a peaceful protest against gender ideology in Santiago, Chile. Many people were injured, among them women and children.


On Saturday the 27th of October, thousands of Chilean evangelicals demonstrated on the streets of Santiago, manifesting their opposition to gender ideology.

The protest march began as a peaceful demonstration, with women and children among the participants. For no apparent reason, the marchers were then set upon by 150 leftist anarchists, many of them armed with sticks, stones, and Molotov cocktails.

In the disturbance that followed, a large number of people were injured. Police arrested nineteen of the attackers who had thrown Molotov cocktails at the crowd that had been demonstrating peacefully. Three policemen were also wounded,  among them the non- commissioned officer, Luis Alberto Rojas Ambiado who received a head injury and was transported to the police hospital , where he is under observation.

After the incident, the organising  team of the “March for Jesus” expressed its deep pain in relation to the attack. They clarified that the extremist groups had no connection with the participants of the ”March for Jesus.”

Chilean authorities expressed their support for the organisers of the march.

The Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, classified the events as “unacceptable” stating that the Chilean government condemns violence, intransigence and fanaticism.

Source: Christianophobie, Aciprensa 

Photo: Christianophobie



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