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Every attempt to normalize abortion fails. Here are some thoughts on why.

After decades of activism and a near-complete takeover of the institutions of academia, the media, and the educational system, abortion activists have still failed to accomplish their goal of “normalizing” abortion and persuading people that feticide is like an appendectomy, but safer. Despite the best efforts of the abortion lobby, most people still find abortion tragic, regardless of what their political position on it happens to be.


The “ShoutYourAbortion” campaign flopped when it turned out that most people don’t feel like shouting about their abortions. The relentless focus on “reproductive healthcare” has not managed to cover up the fact that abortion is a gruesome procedure that physically takes apart a developing human being. 

When someone is pregnant, there is another human being – their son or daughter – developing inside their womb. In spite of the best efforts of the abortion lobby so far,

most people seem to instinctively know that the baby in the womb is already a baby.

And so saying that being pregnant “needn’t result in having a baby” is bluntly stating that there are things that can be done about that baby. An abortionist can be paid to take care of it. Even if they support abortion rights, people still viscerally recoil at the idea.

Interestingly, it shows that America seems to be “fundamentally conservative on abortion.” While the population seems evenly split between pro-abortion and anti-abortion – about 48 percent to 48 percent, according to a recent Gallup poll – and the number of Americans who support abortion plummets to 29 percent when asked if they support abortion on demand under any circumstances.

In other words, the vast majority of Americans do not support abortion itself wholeheartedly, although many see it as a necessary evil in certain circumstances.

Baby holds on to helping hand

Forty-five years after Roe v. Wade, abortion still has the power to shape electoral politics, set the nation ablaze during judicial confirmation hearings, and change the course of American history. Abortion activists will never win this fight, and feticide will never be normal, because

people realize, somewhere deep down inside, that abortion is the most intimate of killings – it is a child, a grandchild, a family member who is being sacrificed.

That is something that many people may be willing to do, but it is not something that most are willing to shout about, or joke about.

Instead, abortion is usually discussed in hushed whispers and cloaked words. It is not the celebration of a right freely exercised, but the solemnity of a funeral for someone who has died suddenly and too soon.



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