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Unknown persons desecrated a cemetery attached to a Salesian monastery in the Holy Land

szaleziak szentföld

On the 17th of October,  vandals desecrated the cemetery of the monastery of Beit Jimal – a town in Israel that lies to the west of Jerusalem.


According to Fides, the Vatican news-agency members of the  Salesian Order found 28 graves vandalised and the crosses destroyed.

In a statement released by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops  of the Holy Land condemned this criminal act of the perpetrators.

This incident happened just one year after the desecration  of Saint Stephen’s Church, sutuated inside the monastery of Beit Jimal.

The cemetery had been already attacked in 2016. To date, the  security forces have yet to bring to justice the perpetrators. It is feared the same may happen with the latest incident.

The Catholic bishops stated: “We will fight to ensure that these disgusting crimes, already  condemned by the authorities, will not happen again. At the same time, while the state authorities make no  effort to stop these attacks, we find high ranking functionaries complaining that Christians are too well-treated.”

What’s more,  they asked us to pray to God so that  “every nation might learn to live with each other with love and mutual respect, irrespective of the differences that may exist between them.”

The Prefect of the Congregation of Oriental Churches, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri put these questions on his Twitter account after the attack: “Why are you afraid of the Cross? Why do you disturb the resting spirits?”

In August of 2013, Jewish extremists threw a molotov cocktail at  the monastery of Beit Jimal, and carved the words “vengeance,” and  “death for the Gentiles” on its walls.

Source: Acidigital


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