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Boko Haram Continues Assault on Northeast Nigeria

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The Nigerian army has repulsed yet another attack by Boko Haram in Borno State. This is the fourth major attack this month by Boko Haram, of which, they were able to overcome the military twice.


These attacks are becoming more frequent and on a larger scale as Boko Haram seems to be regaining strength. These specific attacks are also believed to have been conducted by Islamic State West Africa Province, an off shoot from the original Boko Haram group. This is the same group that recently killed a female aid worker named Saifura Khorsa, who they have had in captivity since March of this year.

They are also threatening to kill another two aid workers and Leah Sharibu, one of the Dapchi girls. Their increased aggressiveness and attacks probably can be linked to a major change in leadership after they reportedly killed Mamman Nur. With these continued attacks, the Nigerian army must ensure that they are prepared for a major surge and to protect all citizens of North East Nigeria. They also must be prepared for more attempts to kidnap girls and women for more ransom campaigns, among them many Christians.

Source: Persecution

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