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Profanation of a Christian cemetery in Algeria

háborús temető, Algéria

Recently, a group of unknown persons desecrated a Christian cemetery in Algeria. In July, another Christian cemetery suffered a similar fate in the same country.



The incident took place at the Reunion War Cemetery, maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). It is located in the area of Oued Ghir, in the province of Oum el-Bouaghi.

According to the information from The Watan, an Algerian newspaper, 31 tombs were desecrated on the 6th of September by a group of unknown individuals.

The profaned tombs, each bearing the sign of the cross,  contained the corpses of soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War.

The offenders smashed the headstones and pillaged the tombs. The major of Oued Ghir said that there has never been a similar incident to this in the past.

According to the local people, the crime was committed by four young men who were not living in Oued Ghir. Authorities are investigating the incident and intend to bring the culprits to justice.

Another cemetery, the Judeo-Christian Aïn M’lila was vandalised in July. A video was circulating on the internet by an unknown person showing the destroyed cemetery and stating that this attack happened with the consent of the local authorities.

“Look!  They do not forgive even the dead people. If it had happened to a Muslim cemetery in Europe we would never hear the end of it,” he said indignantly.

Persons who commented on the video expressed their disgust and admonished those show no respect for the dead or for the relatives of the deceased who frequently come to visit the tombs.

In Algeria, 99% of the people are Muslims; only 1% are Christian or Jewish.

Source, photo: Aciprensa

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