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Chinese faithful are preaching on the street after their church was closed by the authorities

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Christians protest against the oppressive measures of the government by holding a public demonstration of their faith. The members of a church that was closed down decided to preach on the streets. A video of the demonstration, shared by the China Mission, is spreading on the internet.


The video footage, published by Christopher Gregory, shows Christian faithful singing, praying and evangelising in a park in China, something that is prohibited in the country. In parts of the video they can be heard singing:  “Nothing else than the blood of Christ.”

One of the demonstrators in the recording is holding a Bible in one hand and a loudspeaker in the other. According to Christopher Gregory, this man is a Christian pastor, who was arrested by the police, but after his release, joined his brothers and sisters in Christ in the demonstration. Two outdoor public masses were held on the 9th of September, one in the morning, the other in the evening.

A post on the internet by Gregory says: “Last week the authorities closed our church and thought they could destroy our community —but they were wrong. We took the message of God into the streets and adored the Lord in the parks. Watching us, they were surprised and did not know what to do.”

“This was the first time that the people from all over China gathered and revolted against the Communist dictatorship. The Communist Party wants to control everything and everyone in the country. This demonstration was a sign of hope that something new is starting here, in China. Perhaps, it is the beginning of democracy,” wrote Gregory.


Christianity is growing

The present regime in China will only authorise the existence of  ‘registered churches,’ that pay the government. There are however thousands of illegal churches, working out of houses such as the congregation of Chengdu. The government is destroying these house-churches in the entire country, arresting pastors and priests, burning Bibles and forbidding freedom of religious expression.

“The government tries to suppress everyone who is connected to the  Christian religion because it is afraid of the growth of Christianity in the country. There is internal resistance and the government is becoming more and more concerned about the situation. With the growth of the Christian Church, the authorities are afraid of losing  control over the people.


Christopher Gregory requested Occidental Christians to pray for the churches in China and to pray for a real change that could end the communist regime in the country.

Source: Noticia Cristiana

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