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New “March for Life” in Argentina

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On the 30th of July, days before the Argentinian Senate finishes the debate on the proposed new abortion law, a “March for Life” was held in Buenos Aires.

In Argentina, a new law on abortion, if enacted, would allow for the termination of pregnancy up to 14 weeks.  If however, the life of the mother were in danger or the pregnancy was caused by rape, then abortion up to full term would be permissible. The draft bill was introduced in the Chamber of Deputies on the 14th of June; the debate in the Senate started on the 3rd of July.

On the day of the ‘March for life’,  participants will meet on the Julio Argentino Roca Avenue and march to the Olivos presidential quarter because in August of 2016,  president Mauricio Macri opposed the legalising of abortion. “Bringing a child to life is one of the most beautiful things what can happen in the life of a couple; it is the most amazing manifestation of their love, I will always protect life”- said Macri to the Notimex news agency.

However, after the approval of the draft bill in the Chamber of Deputies, the president said that the work of the legislative body was: ”a historic debate for democracy”. Participants on the  “March for Life” will be asking the president to keep the promise he made two years ago and therefore prohibit the proposed decriminalisation of abortion.

There have been other well attended “Marches for Life” in Argentina over the last months. The most successful event happened on the 20th of May when more than three million people took to the streets. Of notable importance also, was a protest held on the 25th of March when two million people from the entire country gathered in support of the unborn.

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Translator: Ildikó Ungvári

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