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The parents of the Nigerian midfielder were persecuted Christians

Victor Moses

In the year 2000, Victor Moses lost his parents because of religious conflict.

Nigeria was eliminated from the World Cup after a hard game against Argentina.
The star of the Nigerian team, Victor Moses who plays midfield for the national team, is from Kaduna,  a region of Nigeria where there is endless religious conflict between Christians and Muslims.


The story of the life of the midfielder is fascinating because he is the son of two persecuted Christians.  Victor’s father was a pastor; his family depended on the income his work generated. In a conflict between two religious groups in 2000, the parents of Moses, his father Austin and his mother Josephine, lost their lives in their own house.

One of the reasons for the conflict was the imposition of the Sharía in the state of Kaduna which was followed by  a five-week-long series of attacks. As a result, more than five thousand people lost their lives.


Moses was playing a football match when he heard about the death of his parents. He had to escape to England, where he lived as a refugee. Soon, he became a professional football player and played on English football teams. Now, he is 27 years old and plays for Chelsea.


The conflicts in Nigeria continue. There are attacks almost every day with the most recent attacks happening only last weekend when many Christians lost their lives.


Let us pray for the Christians of Nigeria!

Nigeria is  14th on the World Watch List for Persecuted Christians in 2018.

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