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The radical Islamic parties want to impose the Sharía in Pakistan

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The proposal of the coalition of the radical Islamic parties in Pakistan aroused the opposition of the Christians and of some Mussulmans in the country. The extremists want to impose the Sharía in Pakistan. The alliance of three regional parties intends to impose this new law if they come to power on the 25th July.

The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal is an alliance of three ultra-conservative parties who presented their twelve points electoral programme. The first point is the application of the Islamic laws.

The purpose of these parties with their religious campaign is to get more votes at the elections, but according to AsiaNews, the Christians and some Mussulmans disagree with this proposition.

According to the Constitution of 1973, every law of Pakistan is based on Islamic principles, but the Sharía has not been imposed until now.


Hamza Arshad, a teacher and journalist, said:

“This alliance won’t get a lot of votes in the next elections, but its ideological influence will have an important role.

Even if the people don’t vote for these parties, their message can influence the thoughts of the people”.


According to the experts, with the exploitation of religion and the imposition of the Sharía, these parties want to get more votes and put pressure on the government.

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Source: JournalChrétien

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